In North Kingdom, we never judge our people based on their education background, age, sex, religion or experience. We judge our people by their own performance. We think that people love to be treated fairly based on their own contribution to the company. We will working hard to make sure that fairness is happening in our company. Every individual that came through our door will get equal opportunity like everybody else in the company no matter who they are to grow in the company.

We provide career and opportunity to develop in our company. We do not expect people in our company will do sales for the rest of their life or maybe doing marketing until they are old and grey. We will train and develop people in our company starting from entry level position up into management position. We have proven that system by training 2 people in our company where they start from entry level but now they are in management position and manage their own branch office.

They start from :

  • Sales Marketing Development; in this area they will be trained how to do sales and marketing in professional way, based on our company standard, International standard.
  • Training Development; focus in this area is learning to teach people, training people and also developing and managing teams to hit sales target.
  • Business Development; this is the management area, 100%management. Focus is to start managing a branch office, running office, meetings, interviews, open new branch, new clients, more into business developments.

We will make sure that everybody in the company get the same opportunity like those 2 and able to develop into management position to help company expand all over Indonesia. We need more managers in our company in order to expand our business.

To make sure all of our people gets quality training we provide 3 types of training in North Kingdom Group, those trainings are :

  • Office Training
  • Field Training
  • Overseas Training

With those 3 trainings and our clear career path in our company we expect to be able to attract more future managers coming in and also developing them to reach our company goals; to become no.1 sales and marketing company in Indonesia and South East Asia.

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