At Your Interview

    North Kingdom greatest asset is the quality of its people. To ensure that the very best people join our team we use a competency based interview process. Competency based interviews also called behavioural interviews. Such interviews are based on the concept that past behaviour and experience is the best indicator of future performance. In other words, your history tells a story about you : your talents, skill, abilities, knowledge and actual experience in handling a variety of situations.
    However the most important thing in our interviews is we look at the way you represent yourself, your communication skill and ofcourse your confidence level. We are these type of company that focus on building the future, not fixing the past.
    Communication skill and confidence interviews will be looking on these field :

    • Your grooming
    • Your body language
    • Your tone of voice
    • Your excitement and enthusiasm
    • Your professionalism
    • Your presentation

    Useful tips for your interview :

    • Prepare a widerange of brief real stories about your accomplishment
    • Be ready to discuss your strengths and your ability to learn from past experiences
    • You should be prepared to address positive results and achievements using these competencies and also challenges you have had in each of these areas
    • Share information you feel is appropriate and relevant
    • Just be yourself