Welcome to North Kingdom Group official website. North Kingdom Group is a professional sales and marketing company. We are operating in 3 different location in Jakarta. We are specializing in doing face to face marketing. Our organization have been hired by many respective clients around the globe from different industry to be able to represent their brand to the public in order to expand and grow their business.

    North Kingdom established on January 2010. Since that, we have been growing bigger and stronger everyday. We have now around 70 manpower in the field from our team, and we feel that we are not yet achieve our peak performance. We have goals to become no.1 sales and marketing company in Indonesia and become one of key player in the South East Asian region in the industry.

    We are a group of young, fun and funky people that know how to work hard, act professional and also having fun in the same time. Please enjoy your time at our website. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


    About Us

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    NORTH KINGDOM sees marketing from different point of view. To us marketing is like a piece of delicious, tempting sandwich which contents of :
    Green, fresh, positive attitude lettuce
    Red, sour sweet, healthy enthusiastic tomatoes
    Yellowish, salty and optimistic cheese
    Pinky, soft tender, juicy beef
    Wrapped with the best quality of purple professionalism home made baked bread and poured with funky “customer service” mouth watering mayonnaise.

    We are a devoted team of professionals, dedicating every second of our work day to perfection